Italian classic

No matter how far we are from home, the bond with our native land is always strong and deep, so much that we always bring our tradition with us, exporting the most Italian iconic and historical flavours all across the world.

American creative

Nevertheless, we value the local tradition as much as ours. We know how important and loved the local products are, and this is exactly why we have developed the “creative and signature” gelatos flavours. These flavours are inspired by the local recipes and reinterpreted by our experienced gelato-makers, with a touch of creativity and love.

Vegan sorbets

Moving alongside the new market trends, especially those brought by the younger generation, we have developed our brand new collection of vegan sorbets flavours. It took us a lot of work and in-depth researches, but thanks to the passion of Stefano we managed to create healthy flavours, without composing our signature taste and creaminess, opening the doors to vegetarians, vegans, as well as dairy and gluten intolerants.
Gelato & Co offers an authentic Italian gelato, freshly prepared every morning with local, genuine ingredients and seasonal fruit without adding any preservatives, colorants, and artificial flavors. Each of our stores – including the franchises – is equipped with a local production laboratory, where the gelato-makers birth tasteful creations every day. Since we care about giving everyone the chance to enjoy our gelato, we continuously research natural products to develop new recipes and create exclusive flavors suitable for our vegans and celiac clients.

And this is how we select

our raw materials