About Gelato&Co

A vision from Italy

to the world

Sparked from a visionary Italian family, Gelato & Co is more than just a simple brand. It’s a vision started 9 years ago, when Gianluca Vitali, a renowned bolognese entrepreneur, joined forces with a passionate master gelato maker, Stefano Franceschi, and his wife Marcella.

With more than half a century of experience, in 2013, the team of three opened its first artisanal gelato parlor in Camana Bay (Grand Cayman). Thanks to the support of Marcello Santi – an Italian friend and citizen of Grand Cayman (and partner soon after) – the store quickly took off and grew.

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Heritage and Tradition

Crafting typical Italian desserts since 1991, through his career, Stefano Franceschi acquired deep knowledge and experience in Italian gastronomy. In 1996, he attended the international competition of artisanal gelato in Rimini, with his signature “Bacio Gelato”, ranking 4th out of 4000 participants. A great start to his brilliant career which, after the American project, led him to be selected by Sherbet festival’s jury as one of the 50 best gelato artisans in the world for three years in a row.

Gelato in the DNA

With a seventy-year-long family history in the gelato business, Elena Manfroni (Gianluca Vitali’s wife) is another gelato-enthusiast entrepreneur. Daughter of one of Carpigiani’s owners, the world’s largest producer of gelato machines, Elena became passionate about gelato from her early days as she watched her father’s sketch machine designs. Eng. Ezio Augusto Manfroni (Elena’s father), also known as the Patent Genius, committed his entire life to create a better world for children and adults and so happened to inspire her beloved daughter to carry on his mission.



Each of our shops is equipped with internal laboratories that guarantee a full homemade production process, which takes place on a daily-basis. Quality and freshness are our key drivers, reflected in the choices made along our supply chain. We source ingredients from both local farms, such as seasonal fruits, and from our motherland, like Italian pistachios, almonds and hazelnuts.

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We also offer products suitable to Vegans and Celiac, with flavors free of dairies, gluten, and top allergens. Gelato & Co is part of the association GXG (master gelato makers for gelato) and joined the “transparent project” in order to create awareness within the community about the quality of the ingredients used to produce gelato and desserts.

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