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Gelato art

trifles, sandwiches, popsicles

Gelato is not just a “cone” or a “cup”. Our offer also includes delicious gourmet Gelato biscuits topped with nuts, raisins or chocolate chips, together with fine gelato trifles, which combine the refinement and taste of artisanal Gelato with the convenience of single portions. Delicious homemade fruit popsicles enrich our product range.

    Gelato cakes

    Gelato cakes, mousse cakes

    Produced daily with two, layered gelato flavors (or sorbets) and garnished on the top, gelato cakes are the perfect treat to surprise guests with a unique dessert that will let them experience a singular taste, never tried before. Gelato cakes were born to fulfill our customers’ wishes, as they can choose flavors, sizes, and decoration

    Gelato cake
    Gelato cake
    Tiramisù cake

      Pastries & cakes

      The signature Italian desserts, Sacher cake, Napoleon and Sicilian Cannoli, the classic Italian tiramisù, and a few international bestsellers, such as cheesecakes, macarons, and tarts. Our wide range selection is prepared with accurately selected methods that ensure the highest standards of bakery and craft. And for the most gluttonous, we recommend combining our pastries with authentic gelato.


        Italian coffee

        Espresso, cappuccino, affogato

        Gelato & Co serves different types of coffee, each characterized by different fragrances and intensities to suit all customers’ tastes and particular moments of the day:

        • 100% Coffea Arabica, blend of sweet tasting aromatic coffee;
        • 70% Coffea Arabica and 30% Coffea Robusta Blend, a refined taste with traces of fruit and chocolate powder;
        • 100% Decaffeinated using Carbon Dioxide, blend of light and aromatic coffee obtained through a carbon dioxide decaffeination process.

        Special coffees are made by adding cinnamon, zabaglione, ice cream, fresh cream or chocolate. Hot chocolate is also served, combined with Gelato or fresh cream.


          Christmas Special

          Panettone, pandoro, kransacake

          Is there still someone who thinks that Gelato is only a summer dessert? Customers at Gelato & Co disagree, and crave for it even during Christmas time. To satisfy them, Stefano decided to take a step into the Christmas tradition, which has very little to do with cones and bowls, by combining Gelato with the more traditional Christmas sweets, such as Panettone and Pandoro.

          Christmas yule log
          Panettone with gelato