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Cono gelato
Cono gelato
Cono gelato

A vision from Italy

to the world

In the summer of 2012, the renowned Bolognese entrepreneur, Gianluca Vitali, together with a passionate master gelato maker, Leonardo Ragazzi and a group of experienced Italian managers, contemplated a new endeavor that would shape their lives: exporting genuine Italian gelato to America.

A year later, on December 7th, 2013, Gianluca and his dedicated team achieved the successful opening of the inaugural Gelato & Co. shop in Camana Bay (Grand Cayman), marking the beginning of their American gelato venture.

Where we are.

Where we will be.

The union between ambitious youngsters and visionary entrepreneurs has allowed Gelato&Co to expand its format across the USA. Today, Gelato & Co counts 8 stores across North and Central America – with many more planned openings arriving soon. Our Investors and managers share a common dream: becoming global ambassadors of quality and authentic Italian gelato across the world.
Openings in the past years
  • 2024

    Three new shops are opening soon across Florida, Colorado and the Caribbean.

  • 2022


    Opening of a new Gelato&Co shop at Atlantic Avenue, Delray Beach

  • 2021

    New flagship store in Las Olas Boulevard, in the heart of Fort Lauderdale
  • 2020

    Third USA store in Denver
  • 2019

    Second USA store in the historic Naples 5th Avenue South
  • 2018

    Gelato & Co. arrives in the USA – first store in Katy, Houston
  • 2017

    Refurbishment of the Gran Cayman flagship store and opening of a second shop
  • 2017

    Gelato & Co. opens in Aruba together with Marriott Hotel
  • 2016

    Gelato&Co lands in Panama City
  • 2014

    Gelato & Co seals a deal with international hotel chain Marriott for the supply of Italian Gelato
  • 2013

    Gelato & Co launches the first Gelateria in the Caribbean



Quality is the brand’s driving value – not simply represented by the outstanding flavor and texture of our gelato, but also into the structure of our supply chain. Each of our shops is equipped with internal laboratories that guarantee a FULL homemade production process, which takes place on a daily basis.

Enter the family

For investors seeking new profitable adventures in the retail business, Gelato & Co is the answer. Our franchise business model provides an outstanding quality product alongside a solid brand managed by a dedicated team that constantly strives to improve and perfect its model and offer.
Becoming a Franchisee is a huge but rewarding commitment. We’ll help you find a location for a great start in your new adventure.

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