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Who’s ready for Thanksgiving Day?

At Gelato & Co., we sure are! Thanksgiving Day isn’t celebrated in Italy, of course, but as soon as we arrived in the USA, we embraced that holiday as our own. Who doesn’t love a bountiful feast of good food and gathering with friends and family?

Thanksgiving Day Specialties

Here at Gelato and Co., we are totally on board with the importance of pies on your Thanksgiving table so a few years ago, we started making the two traditional favorites: pumpkin and pecan! Our customers love the ease of buying pies they know are made to the highest standards and with wholesome ingredients. This is not your supermarket pie, friends, far from it! Both the pecan and pumpkin pies make a wonderful gift this time of year.

That said, we know a lot of you out there love baking your own traditional family recipes for the holiday and we support that too. If you haven’t tried it, may we suggest serving your pumpkin pie with a scoop of our creamy pumpkin gelato? Honestly, swoon-worthy! Take home a big gelato tub and give it a try. We think it might just be the start of a whole new American-Italian tradition!

Christmas Gift Ideas for the Gelato Lovers in your Life

You know what’s better than gelato in a paper gelato cup? Gelato in a Gelato & Co. YETI lowball tumbler! The insulated cup keeps your gelato cold and, even better, it’s an original and sustainable gift for all gelato lovers.

And don’t forget our gift cards! They are truly a great gift for gelato lovers!