Make your birthday fancy: pick an Italian cake

June 13, 2022
italian cake

Customize your cake and surprise all your guests with a special dessert

Another year passed by and all you can think about is how to avoid a birthday cake strain that will drive you mad for the umpeenth time. Don’t worry, be happy! If you are wondering who has the best ice-cream cakes in town, we have the answer for you: Gelato&Co! 

All you will have to do is think about the gelato cake that you always wanted and design it on our website: we are just one click away, ready to deliver the most delicious custom ice-cream cakes and desserts, at your doorstep. 

You can finally stop asking yourself “who sells ice-cream cakes near me?”, we are not going anywhere. Take the chance to make your birthday fancy by picking an authentic pastry Italian ice-cream dessert: the perfect party is served!  

Craving an Italian dessert for your birthday? Let us be your cherry on top!

If you are looking for a unique piece of art, remember that we offer creative ice-cream cakes that you can entirely customize according to your own taste, as well as a daily selection of genuine gelato cakes, pastry and desserts ready to be home delivered. In fact, when our birthday approaches, it may happen to have a few moments of tremendous indecision and we would like to help. 

Not your birthday? Don’t panic! Offer your dearest ones a birthday cake made out of natural seasonal fruit that they will never forget. We will take care of the gelato pie of your dreams, even last-minute. 

Once again, no need to be stressed or to organize everything well in advance, since the answer to the dilemma of who has the best ice cream cakes in the city is right under your nose. Yes, if you have taped “fresh and colorful custom ice-cream cakes near me” at least once in your life, now you know that we are always here to support you on your most important days. 

And when your longstanding friends ask you where to buy an Italian wedding cake that looks just like your birthday one, you will definitely feel that you made the best choice. What are you waiting for? Pick an Italian cake and surprise all your guests with a special artisanal Gelato&Co. dessert!