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Italians do eat better


Come with us and find out the most popular gelato flavors in Italy

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the tastiest of them all? If you are wondering what the most popular Italian gelato ice-cream flavors are, welcome on board: we will have a nice walk through the most wanted gelato classico Italian ice-cream flavors. But first, let us show you what gelato is made of. 

To be or not to be? Or better: does gelato contain dairy? That is the question! Gelato is traditionally made out of a custard base with milk and sugar so that its main ingredients are milk and cream. Unlike industrial ice-cream, most of the time artisanal gelato is in fact completely egg-free. This contributes to its undisputed success and allows it to be lighter and softer than its industrial counterpart. 

Speaking of undisputed, Tiramisù gelato is probably the favorite Italian dessert of all times, as well as the eighth Wonder of the World. No introduction needed for this Italian classic that combines coffee with mascarpone cheese. Mamma mia! 

And what can we say about pistachio gelato and nocciola gelato?

We source ingredients from both local farms – such as seasonal fruits – and our motherland, like Italian pistachios, almonds and hazelnuts. If quality is our core value, freshness is also one of our key drivers too. Come try it to believe it! 

What other greatest gelato hits can you name? Need a hint? This one is among the most traditional Italian gelato flavors, simple yet ingenious. We make it with just a few ingredients: milk, cream, dark chocolate…and lots of love! Our Italian gelato stracciatella follows the original Italian recipe and can enchant every sweet tooth. 

If you spent the last years wondering what bacio gelato is and have always wanted to master all the secrets behind our unique recipe, let us introduce you to his majesty, the king of all chocolate flavors. Bacio gelato flavor is a passionate kiss between crunchy hazelnuts and creamy chocolate ice-cream. This enveloping flavor gets its name from a very popular chocolate candy, Bacio Perugina, that means, in fact, kiss and consists of gianduja and chopped hazelnut filling, all topped with a whole hazelnut and coated with dark chocolate. Drooling enough?

If you want to know what does gelato taste like, we are here to satisfy all of your cravings! Buy Italian gelato online on our website or come visit us at our stores and treat yourself to this unique pinch of happiness! After all, Italians really do eat better!