Become a Professional Gelato Maker: join our company!

July 25, 2022
stefano franceschi

Discover how to become a Gelato&Co. franchise in the US

Have you always wanted to be part of a tight-knit Italian family? This is your chance: join our company to become a professional at making gelato and learn all the perks of franchising Italian food.

If you are interested in understanding more about Italian food franchise opportunities we are waiting for you with open arms: to carry on our expansion project and give new investors the possibility to bring Gelato & Co in their own cities with our franchise business model. Although its roots are common in every state, we slightly adapt each store to the local culture and taste, empowering franchisees to locally promote their business.

As an ice-cream franchise, we will share with you our knowledge in the field of gelato making – l’arte del gelato, as we call it in Italy – since we are proud to define ourselves as one of the best Italian food franchises in the US. We will provide you with our product knowledge, customized furniture, constantly updated marketing strategies, and wherever needed, assistance with operations.

So far, the franchise business model has allowed us to carry out our gelato stores in Texas, Florida and Colorado, and we foresee new openings in many more states and countries in the years to come. 

Make your dreams come true, fill up the form on our website to discover all the gelato and ice-cream franchise costs. You can easily find it by pressing the button “franchise”: in a few minutes you will be able to give us all the information required in order to help you understand the behind the scenes of one of the most successful Italian food franchises in America. 

We want you to join and become part of our gelato ice-cream franchise! Buy our Italian gelato online and feel the reason for our success, one that has no rivals in gelato ice-cream brands. We promise you won’t regret it!