Are you dreaming about a fabulous wedding cake? Here we are!

May 30, 2022

Join the Italian Style and design your wedding cake with our pastry chef

It’s spring outside, the birds are tweeting and all you can hear inside your head is a romantic wedding march playing. The dress of your wildest dreams is ready, you have found the perfect location, but somehow something is still missing in the picture and you are wondering what you are not thinking of…Let us help you: the question you should ask yourself right now in order to make your wedding fantasy perfectly work is: who sells ice-cream cakes near me? Or even better: who has the best ice-cream cakes in town?

If you are looking for a gelato wedding cake that will leave everyone speechless, you have come to the right place. Custom ice-cream cakes are our specialty: we love to accompany our customers on their most important days with the tastiest Italian ice-cream dessert. 

Let yourself be tempted by our creative ice-cream cakes: we promise you won’t regret it!

Making your gelato pie unique is one the perks of getting married and we are here to support you along this fundamental choice so that you can shine bright like a diamond on your special day. 

All you will have to think about is what flavors you like best and what message to convey on the top of this magnificent Italian dessert pastry. And remember that if you are now wondering how can I find custom ice-cream cakes near me, we are just one phone-call or click away and we will easily take care of the delivery so that the main course will taste fresh and nice to your palate even on a very hot day of summer. 

And if you can’t help loving Italy, let us tell you what is the most popular Italian dessert, even on such occasions. You may have guessed it already, since Tiramisù is probably the most wanted Italian dessert of all times as well as the eighth Wonder of the World. And surprise surprise, who has the best Tiramisù ice-cream cakes of the whole country? Well said, Gelato&Co! So, if you are dreaming about a fabulous wedding cake, don’t waste your time and join the Italian style designing your unique wedding cake with our pastry chef.